Advanced Retinal Imaging

EyeScape Advanced Imaging Software

EyeScape Advanced Imaging offers a cutting edge soultion to your patient data management needs. Eyescape has a streamlined user interface, includes EMR and telemedicine interfaces, and provides many advanced diagnostic tools you may not find anywhere else!

EyeScape Sofware Features:

• Windows 7 and 8 compatible!
Easy-to-navigate user interface
• Single click to all modes and applications
• Enhancement Mode with advanced tools
• Mosaic View with blending
• Overlay and side-by-side comparison
• StereoView recalls linked stereo pairs
• Proof sheet with easy preview and print tools
• Email and export options, including DICOM
• Telemedicine and EMR ready
• Exposure Correction (Dark Recovery)
• C/D measuring tool and ratio storage
• On-image annotations
• 3-Up FAF Viewer
• Muti View with exclusive Spectral Sliders
• Interpretation and report with ICD9 database
• Accomodates worgroups and networks

MultiView with Spectral Sliders

Available Eyescape Extension Modules:StereoPlus Extension Module

StereoPlus for Glaucoma Tracking (shown at right)
R.A.M. (Retinal Assessment Module)
A/V Module (Artery-to-Vein Measurements)
EyeScreen Wellness and Screening Module